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Insomnia is the medical term for not getting enough sleep or trouble sleeping without interruption. You may have difficulty falling asleep, wake up too early, or wake up at various times during the night. Either way, insomnia of any kind can keep you from feeling rested and reduce your performance during the day. 


What causes Insomnia?

There are many common causes of insomnia, including stress and anxiety, sleeping environment, lifestyle, shift work and poor sleeping habits.

Sometimes, insomnia can be a combination of factors, including an underlying medical condition.

Can Insomnia be treated?

Yes, although it’s not as simple as taking a pill. The most effective treatment of both short term and chronic insomnia is a prescribed treatment plan consisting of behavioural changes, sleep management techniques and an appropriate medication to speed up the process.

When should I seek in-person treatment?

You should seek an in-person visit with your GP if you’re experiencing symptoms that may indicate an underlying medical condition. Completing our initial questionnaire will give us a good idea if this is required.

Not getting enough sleep, either in quality or duration, has its daytime consequences. Lack of sleep is widespread in Australia, affecting 33-45% of adults.

How we can help overcome your sleep problem

Harley Sleep is more than just a pill.

Our treatment plan can help overcome your sleep problem by examining root causes. Together we’ll work with you to correct behavioural patterns, and provide guided management techniques to fix your sleep now and into the future.

In-Depth Sleep Analysis

Complete our free online assessment, and you’ll get reviewed by a qualified Aussie doctor. You’ll get a comprehensive sleep analysis, followed by a prescribed treatment plan personalised for your sleep problem.

Guided Management Techniques

Coaching sessions with your Harley consultant to implement your program and help you to reach your sleep goals.

Ongoing Support

We’re here to ensure your sleep is corrected for the long term. Continued online support is provided free of charge to future proof your sleep.




Designed to reset your body clock, recharge your batteries and get your sleep back on track.

This program includes:

  • Comprehensive sleep assessment.
  • Prescribed management plan (including prescription medicine if required)
  • Personalised Coaching session with a Harley consultant.
  • Weekly online check-ins via email/SMS.
  • Tools to correct your sleep now and in the future.
  • Ongoing online support.

Program Cost: $59/month


Harley sleep programs are backed by data. Our combination treatment plans improve sleep in 75-80% of clients.


Harley Treatment 

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Can my insomnia be cured?

Absolutely. However, curing insomnia often means establishing habits that are more conducive to good sleep. And habits, especially routines you follow every day, can be tough to break. That’s why guided treatments are so much more effective in correcting sleep long term. 

What is the difference between acute insomnia and chronic insomnia?

Acute insomnia is trouble sleeping from one night to one month. Insomnia is chronic when it happens at least three nights a week for three months or more.

How soon until I see results with a Harley treatment plan?

It varies based on the length of time you’ve been experiencing insomnia, as well as other contributing factors. Some clients will see benefits within days, while other clients may not see improvement for several weeks. 

Why can’t I just take a pill to fix my insomnia?

Sleeping pills may benefit short term insomnia. However, they don’t correct the underlying issue causing the sleep problem. They can also be addictive. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is considered first-line treatment for chronic insomnia and beneficial in short term insomnia. Behavioural therapy has a much better success rate at fixing insomnia long term, without the side effects and dependence associated with most sleeping pills.

Will the Harley sleep program work if I am taking sleeping pills regularly?

Yes. The Harley REBUILD program can reduce or eliminate sleeping pill use in 90% of cases.


Fact No. 1

Your brain needs it

Lack of sleep is linked to decreased mental functioning and well-being, including reduced mood, thinking, concentration, memory and learning. Reaction times are also affected.

Fact No. 2

Your body needs it

If left untreated insomnia can be bad for your health. Sleeping less than 6 or 7 hours on average per night may increase your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Fact No. 3

Sleep can be hard

You can’t force yourself to fall asleep – just like you can’t digest your food faster. Sleep onset is not something we can control. We can only create the right conditions for sleep – both in our minds and in our environment.

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