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Don’t let ED get you down.

Get your love life back on track with a Dr prescribed treatment plan.

Aussie Doctor & Licensed Pharmacy 
Text or phone-based consults
Personalised dosages
Fast Discreet Shipping
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How can we help treat your ED

We’ve removed the embarrassment of accessing effective ED treatments.

ED can be an embarrassing subject for men to discuss, but that’s no reason to suffer in silence.

At Harley, you get a personalised treatment prescribed just for you. No Dr’s clinic or pharmacy visits. You get diagnosed online with treatments dispatched directly to you in discreet packaging.

Free Online Consultation

Complete our online assessment and get a text-based consult by a qualified Aussie doctor. If suitable, you’ll be prescribed a personalised treatment plan to get you back on track.

Fast & Discreet Delivery

Ready to save your hair?  No clinic or pharmacy visit’s required. We’ll get your treatment sent from our pharmacy in discreet packaging within 24hrs, via Express Post.

Ongoing Support

We’ll monitor your progress, adjust your treatment if required and look after your repeat prescriptions. Connect with your Harley consultant via SMS, email or phone at any time to discuss your treatment plan.

Treatments & Pricing

What You Get:
  • A clinically proven treatment plan for 3 months.
  • Option of “daily dose” or “when required” treatments.
  • Access to qualified practitioners that understand your condition.
What You Don’t Get:
  • In clinic or pharmacy visits.
  • Prescription fees.
  • Delivery fees
  • Lock-in contracts.
Affordable Pricing:

“Daily Dose” Prescription treatment:


“On Demand” Prescription treatment:



There's a good chance things will start to look up. Harley's ED treatments are backed by data. Treatment plans can improve improve erections in 84% of clients.




How do I get a prescribed ED treatment with Harley?

Harley is a telehealth company that provides convenient access to clinically proven medical treatments without the need for an in-person clinic visit.

To access our treatment plans simply complete our online assessment so our doctors can determine if a medical treatment is right for you.

If suitable one of our doctors will prescribe the most effective treatment based on your age, medical history and past treatments.

Online consultations are done via SMS, however, in certain cases, a phone or video call may be required to ensure we offer you the most appropriate treatment.

Treatment plans are then discreetly dispatched from our pharmacy to your address of choice.

What medicines are used as part of the Harley treatment plan?

Due to Australian law, we’re unable to name specific brand names or ingredients used in our treatment plans until you’ve had a consultation with one of our practitioners.

For a free online consultation simply SCHEDULE A CALL (click link) or GET STARTED (click link) with our free online assessment to see if you’re suitable for treatment.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the treatment plan you’re prescribed. “Daily Dose” prescription treatment plans cost $1.72/day, and “On Demand” treatment start from $2.91 per dose.

The above prices are based on quarterly payments. We do have monthly payment options available.

No contracts, No delivery fee, No hidden costs.

How soon until I see results with a Harley treatment plan?

There are several medications used to treat ED and results are seen very quickly. Some treatments are taken “when required” where the onset of action is between 15-60 minutes and the duration of action is between 6 and 36hrs (depending on the medication type).

Other treatments are taken “daily” which eliminates the need to schedule when the medication is taken and is generally more convenient if you need to use ED meds more than twice weekly.

Are there side effects from the medications used as part of the treatment plan?

All prescription medicines have the potential to cause side effects.

Once you’ve completed your consultation we’ll discuss the potential side effects of your suggested treatment and the likelihood of you experiencing them.


Erectile dysfunction  (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. It occurs when there’s either not enough blood flowing into the penis, or if there’s too much blood flowing out. Having erection issues on the odd occasion generally isn’t cause for concern, but if it’s an ongoing issue it can cause stress, affect self-confidence and also cause issues in your relationship.



What causes erectile dysfunction?

There are many common causes of ED. About 80% of men who have ED have an underlying factor contributing to their erection problem. These include age, vascular disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some prescription medicines and recreational drugs. For around 20% of men, it can be psychological and the result of performance-related anxiety at the start of a relationship.

Can ED be treated?

Yep, there are several effective options for treating ED. Although before starting any treatment, it’s important to have a qualified doctor check for underlying causes that may also require treatment.

When should I seek in-person treatment?

You should seek an in-person visit with your GP if you’re experiencing symptoms that may indicate an underlying medical condition. Completing our free online assessment will give us a good idea if this is required.

In a survey of Australian men, 44% of those aged 45 years or older reported intermittent erectile dysfunction, and 17% reported complete dysfunction.


Fact No. 1

It’s not just an age thing.

Just because you’re young and robust, it doesn’t mean you’re immune to ED. Studies have shown that erection problems affect 25% of men under 40.

Fact No. 2

Lifestyle matters.

Your lifestyle habits have an incredibly large impact on your health, including your sexual health. Habits like smoking, drinking and obesity are strongly linked to ED. The good news is, lifestyle is something you can control. A healthy lifestyle brings great benefits, not just for your sex life.

Fact No. 3

Mind over matter.

Getting an erection is not always a physical problem. If you’ve experienced a trauma or you’re under a great deal of stress, ED may become a problem. Men who suffer from depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder often complain about ED.

Fact No. 4

Hormones may play a part.

Your testosterone levels govern your sexual health in numerous ways, not the least of which is its effect on your libido. Low testosterone levels can lower your sex drive, which can also lead to ED.

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